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I turned your dreams into lightening

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Saturday, April 5th, 2008
10:32 am

Is your hair up?: Nope, down and wet

Is your phone right beside you?: no, it's on a shelf above my bed

Do you have a bf/ gf?: Mhmm

Do you wish you were somewhere else?: sleeping perhaps?

Do you have plans for tonight?: Homework?

Are you wearing makeup?: No

Are you wearing chapstick?: I soon will be

Are you cold?: Not really

Are you tired?: Eh, I could sleep...

Are you excited?: no

Are you watching tv?: nope

Are you wearing pajamas? nope

Who's the last person you IMed?: Uh....

Who's the last person that you called?: My sister


Ever stuck gum under a desk?: maybe?

Ever spit at someone? yes

Ever kick something living? no

Ever had your nails done?: yeah, once, I chipped one before I left the salon

Ever thrown up because you cried so hard? uh, no


Had any plans last week?: yeah

Who did you see most last week?: my roommate?

Was last week interesting?: ::shrug:: I got sick


Have you cussed?: not yet

Have you yelled at someone? no

Have you gotten mad at someone? no

Have you cried? no

Have you called more than 3 people?: none

Have you IMed more than 3 people?: none

Have you eaten anything gross? I've spit up some gross stuff...

How late did you stay up last night and why? Dunno, 1 AM-ish? Cause Scott was here

What was the first thing you thought when you got up? "7:30, one more hour of cuddling"

Who were you with saturday night? My family, Scott

Do you think you will be in a relationship 3 months from now? I would like to hope so

Whens the next time you'll see your best friends? Dunno, the future

What were you doing this morning at 7am? Sleeping

What radio station do you listen to the most? I like Cds...

Where is your father? At work

What are you listening to? nothing

Who were the last 3 people to text you? Beth, Jackie and Scott

What's the fifth text in your inbox say? I deleted it...

What high school did/do/will you attend? NCC

What were you doing at 11pm last night? Looking at tattoos on the interwebs

Who was the last person you talked to last night before bed? Scott

Is there anything that you are craving right now? food

When did your last hug take place & who was it with? Last night, with Scott

Do people ever make stupid mistakes when spelling or saying your name? eh, it's not stupid, just common

Have you ever started a sentence with "No offense, but...? Sometimes

Do you drink tea? occasionally

Have you ever been arrested? not yet!

Have you rode in someone else's car today? nope

Have you made a mistake this past week? ::shrug:: c'est la vie

Are you happy? as a clam

Are you happy with your life right now? It could be summerbetter

In the past 72 hours have you been under the influence? yes, mmmm plum wine

What was the last movie you saw? uh....parts of she's the man?

What do you need to be doing right now? working, though I am at work, maybe some HW

What's the connection between you and the last person you texted? we're roomies

Who do you hate? ::shrug:: haters

What did you wear to bed? night-gown

Has anyone got on your nerves lately? yes

Do you think you'll be married in 10 years? I guess it'd be nice

What were you doing on Friday? cleaning, packing, hopping on a train

Do you know anyone with the same name as you? Yes, tons

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Saturday, January 27th, 2007
4:24 pm - At work and hungry
A survey for your enjoymentCollapse )

So here's the scoop kiddos,

I have no classes on Thursdays, so, Wednesday night, after hanging out with Georgia, Beth and Steve, I hopped a 10:50pm train to Acton, which got in at 11:32pm
Then, I had work on Thursday from 8pm-11pm, so Tyler and I took the 5:07pm train back here, I went to the gym, took a shower, worked, and then we stayed up until maybe 2am-3am?
I then I woke up at 7am on Friday morning, I had work from 7:45am-9am
Friday was freeezing cold, so, luckily, Marcie found me at work and we took the shuttle to our 9:30am class, and then took it back as well
got back around 11, hung out in bed with Tyler not napping because I had work at 12Noon at the info desk
went to work, Tyler got a ride from Marc to go have lunch, I got out of work at 3pm
called Tyler, and met him down at Porter close to four, ran some errands and were lucky enough to catch the 4:10pm train back to Acton
you keeping up?
So then, we got back to Acton around 5pm, went to his house, hung out for a bit and then left to do the food pantry for Tylers mother, so, the food pantry thing means we go to the grocery store, takes all the stuff in the donation box and bring it to the pantry and leave it there,
so the donation box is like 4ft x 6ft? maybe, and it about 3ft deep? Alright, so, that was filled to the brim, and over, there was a pile of bags on the floor next to it and two extra shopping carts next to that
the most we have ever seen
it took us two car trips, PACKING the car to the point of things falling everywhere, we then were finally done
so we went to Papa Ginos to get breadsticks and then T.C. Landos to get pizza and chicken fingers, we got back to Tylers house maybe around 8? or later
I then took a shower and realized that I had minor frostbite on my inner thighs, my butt and part of my right side, lovely, especially that I figured it out by throwing myself into a steaming hot shower, OW indeed
So, after that we just hung out and watched the end of the Long Kiss Goodnight and went to bed around 11:30pm-12Midnight
Woke up at 8:45 freaked out that I had missed my alarm, went back to sleep, woke up at 9at my alarm, went back to bed until 10:30, lounge around and got up close to 11am, decided to take the later train because I had work at 3 in the library there was a train leaving at 11:59 and one at 1:42 and the 1:42 one would get me there just in time
so I helped with the dishes and then we watched mythbusters until I had to leave, we get to the train station, think we got there late and missed the train
I then realize I read the week-day schedule for the trains instead of the weekend, so Tyler had to drive me to Alewife, I finally get back to my dorm at 2:45, I'm good, right?
Beth finds me in the hall and tells me that the library has been looking for me, where have I been? and also that Vargas had come to find as well, and well, my phone had run out of battery so I had been unreachable all morning
bolt to the library and find out I was supposed to have been working since 1 oclock and I am 2 hours late, Jamie forgave me but now I know for next time
so now I am finally done and I have homework to do and I am lonely and need stimulation (not THAT kind) and Beth left for the night to go to a concert in NH with Anthony and bleh, I am alone
except for that Lesbeth might be able to come chill later when she gets back from Acton but I am just cold and annoyed and blah

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Sunday, May 15th, 2005
9:47 pm - YAY POSTY THING!
From NOW on...

comment if you care

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12:27 pm
Screw all you fuckers!

Yesterday was fuckin' awsome!

::dances some more::

and oh yeah! I think I'm turning my journal to FRIENDS ONLY

sooo, if you care enough, then comment, I'll give it a week, since I don't know where to find those friends only posty things....

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Monday, May 2nd, 2005
10:19 pm
::cuddles and pets new icon::
my precioussssssssssssss miiiiiine

ME <3 new icon SO much!


(think think think...)

7:42 pm - and the silence whispers ...slaaacker, slaaaacker
Kudos to anyone who actually fuckin reads all thisCollapse )

current mood: fat

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Saturday, April 30th, 2005
10:54 pm - I'd say something, but I'm no drama queen
We'll walk until my feet drop
I'm a train when I'm hateful
Yeah, lay right down now
And ride until your head breaks
I'm a-walkin' 'til my brain pops
I will move with the beat now
I'm a chain 'round an A-bomb
I'm a ribbon in the heat now
New York!

So Shockheaded Peter was AWSOME, but I'm not at liberty to discuss it at the moment, I probably never will considering it'll be far too late by the time I can, but I bought the CD of it by the Tiger Lily's, even though they didn't really play in the play...but Kevin Townely is my new God <3 !! SO GOOD.

Er yup, anyways, the bus ride was extremely cool, laughed so hard my throat hurt, ate McDonalds AND Wendy's ::is failure:: but I gotta say, MickyD's rules over Wendy's, since I got slighlty sick after eating the Wendy's chicken nuggets, and they only have a 5 piece deal, and stupid coneticut has food tax! >_< .99 cents super value deal does NOT mean charging me a $1.05!

On that note I leave you with, I have to pee, screw the world, guys suck.

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Tuesday, April 26th, 2005
7:24 pm - Stolen from Camille!
You can ask me ANY SEVEN questions no matter how personal, inappropriate or random. I promise to answer the questions 100% truthfully. Repost this and see what people want to ask you!

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Wednesday, April 20th, 2005
9:29 pm - The Golden Conversation
Me: did you notice that all the girls are wearing blue jeans and white shirts?
Corey: yeah,... so?
Me:...they're all a buncha hoochies!
Corey: and did you notice all the guys skateboard
Me: Yeah, so?
Corey: and their har is like that moppy look, like they brushed it all down
Me: oh, I didn't notice, I wasn't looking at the guys
Corey:....hey, why was I looking at the guys and your were looking at the girls...?
Me:.. ...you tell me...

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8:11 pm
You know what movie I am SICK of seeing previews for?
The Interpertor
I thought that it'd already had come out, but NO, its taken them a million fucking years to produce this fucking movie!


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Tuesday, April 19th, 2005
8:52 pm
Well that failed royally!


::melts into raging puddle::

(think think think...)

6:58 pm - Ha, I got 69!
Place an "X" on the movies that you have already seen. If you put an X on 70 or more, then you're a CINEMA WHORE!!!

(x)Napoleon Dynamite
( )Saw
( )White Noise
(x)White Oleander
(x)Anger Management
(x)50 First Dates
( )Jason X
( )Scream
( )Scream 2
( )Scream 3
( )Scary Movie
( )Scary Movie 2
(x)Scary Movie 3
( )American Pie
( )American Pie 2
( )American Wedding
(x)Harry Potter
(x)Harry Potter 2
( )Harry Potter 3
( )Resident Evil I
(x)Resident Evil 2
( )The Wedding Singer
( )Little Black Book
(x)The Village
(x)Donnie Darko
(x)Lilo & Stitch
(x)Finding Nemo
( )Finding Neverland
( )13 Ghosts
(x)The Grinch
( )Texas Chainsaw Massacre
( )White Chicks
( )Butterfly Effect
( )Thirteen going on 30
(x)I Robot
(x)Dodge ball
( )Universal Soldier
( )A Series Of Unfortunate Events
( )Along Came A Spider
(x)Deep impact
(x)Never Been Kissed
(x)Meet The Parents
( )Meet The Fockers
(x)Eight Crazy Nights
( )A Cinderella Story
( )The Terminal
( )The Lizzie McGuire Movie
( )Passport to Paris
(x)Dumb & Dumber
(x)Dumb & Dumberer
( )Final Destination
( )Final Destination 2
( )Halloween
(x)The Ring
( )Harold & Kumar (white castle)
( )Practical Magic
( )Ghost Ship
(x)From Hell
(x)Secret Window
( )I Am Sam
( )The Whole Nine Yards
(x)The Day After Tomorrow
( )Child's Play
( )Bride of Chucky
(x)Ten Things I Hate About You
( )Just Married
( )A Nightmare on Elm Street
( )Sixteen Candles
(x)Bad Boys 2
( )Joy Ride
(x)Oceans Eleven
( )Oceans Twelve
( )Lone Star
( )Predator I
( )Predator II
(x)Independence Day
( )Cujo
( )A Bronx Tale
(x)Darkness Falls
( )Christine
(x) ET
( )Children of the Corn
( )My boss' daughter
( )Maid in Manhattan
( )Frailty
( )Best bet
( )How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
( )She's All That
( )Calendar Girls
( )Sideways
(x)Mars Attacks
( )Event Horizon
(x)Ever after
(x)Forrest Gump
( )Big Trouble in Little China
(x)X-men 1
(x)X-men 2
( )Jeepers Creepers
( )Jeepers Creepers 2
(x)Catch Me If You Can
(x)The Others
(x)Freaky Friday
( )Reign of Fire
( )Cruel Intentions
( )The Hot Chick
( )Swimfan
( )Miracle
( )Old School
( )Ray
(x)The Notebook
( )K-Pax
(x)Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
(x)Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
(x)Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
(x)A Walk to Remember
( )Boogeyman
( )Hitch
( )Back Door Sluts 9
(x)The Fifth Element
(x)Star wars episode I
(x)Star wars episode II
(x)Star wars episode IV
(x)Star wars episode V
(x)Star wars episode VI
(x)Troop Beverly Hills
( )Swimming with Sharks
( )Trainspotting
( )People under the stairs
( )Blue Velvet
(x)Sound of music
(x)Parent Trap
( )The Burbs
( )SLC Punk
( )Meet Joe Black
( )Wild girls
(x)A Clockwork Orange
( )The Order
( )Spiderman 2
( )Amelie
(x)Mean Girls
(x)Shrek 2
( )The Incredibles
( )Collateral
( )The Fast & The Furious
( )2 Fast 2 Furious
( )Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow
( )Closer
(x)The Sixth Sense
(x)Artificial intelligence
( )Love actually
( )Shutter
( )Ella Enchanted
(x)Princess diaries 1
( )Princess diaries 2

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1:15 pm
damnit! I never should have gone to sleep, I missed my movie, I woke up at like 9:37 after trying to ignore the annoying doorbell, but I eventually went to see what was ringing it and it was my grandmother, then realized that Butterflies are Free JUST fucking ended, ad I missed the whole goddamned thing

Went on a bike ride, all gross now, though I took a shower earlier

worked on my seinor project for a bit, ACTUALLY worked on it
gonna work on it some later, but for now I shall try and make some money

gotta call Paula, see what she wants me to do, dunno if I can go into work today...

need a B&N application!

current mood: sweaty, ew

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Monday, April 18th, 2005
1:15 am - heh, funny how that works
just replaced all my new icons with old ones, that don't associate with anything, except me, just me, no one else is tied to their memory
thank god

(think think think...)

Sunday, April 17th, 2005
5:13 pm - I guess you know I stayed....ooooh oooh oooooooh
Vaca, meaning, no school tomorrow, which means I stil have drive epople around!

Why can't dentisit app.s be during school

and I really gotta pee, so this'll be quick,

went to NYC yesterday with my grandmother, twas fun, we wlaked all around MACY's while I tried to find a size nine on sale that was cool looking and not a seven undercover in the nine section, but no such luck, people with size seven feet either get cooler shoes, or everyone has size nine and had already bought the shoes, damnit

then we went to the Met, wandered around after haveing a really expensive lunch, some guy was sketching this statue and man was he good! it looked like a photograph, on in blue, it was so cool...so then while my grandmother was attempting to show me how to sketch things well i extracted 23 boby pins from my head, and got really tired

so we took the M4 bus back to Penn station, we had taken the subway over to the Met and I was proud of myself because, despite the fact that my grandmother asks EVERYONE directions, I got us there when we got confusing directions from the token guy

finally saw Mona Lisa Smille cause it was the movie on the bus ride back, then I fell asleep, and we were getting close and I guess my grandmother asked me to hold her coffee, and then I woke up with coffee all over my lap and the book I was reading....worst way to wake up, ever.

got home around 1:30, slept till two-o-clock this afternoon

I LOVE sleep.

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Thursday, April 14th, 2005
3:09 pm
Screw the world?

I think I like the sound of that

and the taste of bubblelicious gum, mmmm

yay 1000 piece puzzles shaped like horses with tons of crazy crap, this is gonna take awhile! YAY!

EDIT: ::must quell waves of hatred and anger! GRRRRRRRRRR::

current mood: cranky

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Monday, April 11th, 2005
8:36 pm - Wouldn't ya, Baracuda?
Sarah Sidal:"Since when do you care about beauty?"
Grissom:"Since I met you."
Grissom:"Now I think we should each start at one end and work our way to the middle..."
I love Grissom, he's so awsome and loves to confuse, yay confusion!

Mmmm tacos = good.

"What, them? I say 'taco' they say 'taco'"
"Taco taco taco!"

Southern Vampire novels rock my world!
And so does Sandra Brown yay! (Thanks Kya) gotta start that book now

wow, me? reading again like a maniac like I used to? how....AWSOME! yay no sleep and more books!@_@

current mood: smelly

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Thursday, April 7th, 2005
8:00 pm
AAAAAAAAH! internet WILL NOT WORK! EEEEEEEEERGH, using a thing.....to post, uh a client?

anywho, not good, want to check email, don't carw about tyos

need to check devart, grrrrr

FBriabpeip ivygpohgenoidodfg!!!~!

current mood: enraged

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6:09 pm - AWUBA!
new deviation, for those who care


current mood: foooood, NO!

(think think think...)

5:08 pm
Stayed up till almost 4 this morning reading, and then I finished the book during Humanities because the compuyters weren't working
now I need the other two books in the series, but at least I know B&N HAS them, unlike the one book from my seven book series that I need to attain, I need the sixth book, so i can finally read it and then read the seventh book, which I've owned for about two years now....

hungry, tired....feeling gross and fat, whoopdeedoo

I'm so tired of everything, that book was refreshing, but now its over and gone


must not eat anything...

current mood: zoned

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